Boat Launch Permit (Daily or Weekly)

Receipts for Daily or Weekly Boat Launch Permits must be printed and placed on the driver’s side dashboard with date and time of purchase in plain view of windshield.

Daily Permits are valid for the 24-hour period beginning at time and date of purchase (No Exceptions).
Weekly passes are only valid for the 7-day period beginning at the time and date of purchase (No Exceptions).

Boat Landing Rules:
  • Vehicles without a valid permit displayed will be ticketed. The McClellanville Town Marshal will have jurisdiction over this property.
  • Park in designated spaces only.
  • Keep landing clean.
  • Storage of boats in landing is prohibited.
  • Purchase of this permit does not guarantee parking availability.

*Purchase of this permit acknowledges that I have read the Boat Landing Rules and Regulations and understand that my permit will be revoked if rules are not followed.

Vehicle Tag Number and Boat Launch Permit Type
Mailing Address