Annual Boat Launch Permit (Non-Resident)

  1. Vehicles using the boat launching and landing facilities without a valid permit/sticker will be ticketed and a fine imposed. The Town has jurisdiction on this property.
  2. Stickers must be placed on the rear window on the driver's side of vehicle. All stickers must be permanently attached to the rear window and in plain view and not obscured in any way.
  3. Vehicles with attached trailers and boats are prohibited from parking along the roadsides within the Town of McClellanville. Vehicles will be ticketed.
  4. Park in designated spaces only. Pull your vehicle and trailer straight into one parking space. Vehicles parked at angles that restrict the use of neighboring parking spaces and vehicle will be ticketed.
  5. One (1) sticker per vehicle.
  6. Purchase of permit does not guarantee parking availability.
  7. Keep landing area, waterways, and the Town of McClellanville litter free. (leave no trace behind)
  8. A sticker will only be replaced if the old sticker is brought into town office. Otherwise, a new permit will be issued at full price. (ex. trade/sell car, replace back glass, etc. remove sticker and bring in as many pieces as possible, including the permit number, for replacement.)
    • Purchase of this permit acknowledges that I have read and understand the rules above. I understand the permit issued me will be revoked if rules listed here are not followed. I also understand that by parking my vehicle in the designated spaces, any damage to my property or theft will not the responsibility of the Town of McClellanville. I am parking at my own risk.
Vehicle Tag Number
$ 150.00

Please note that before use of the landing is permitted, applications must be approved by the Town of McClellanville and permit must be issued and placed on vehicle. Purchase of this permit does not guarantee parking availability.

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