Court Bonds and Fines

By submitting online payment for this fine, I certify that:
  1. Ten (10) days has expired from the date the ticket was issued.
  2. The address on the ticket reads "180 Lockwood Boulevard."
  3. If payment is more than 15 days from trial date, I may be required to send notification to SC Department of Motor Vehicles.
  4. If this is a criminal case, I am required to call the court prior to making payment online.
Payment Type, Ticket Number and Amount Please enter the ticket or fine number and the fine amount (no partial payments accepted).


If your ticket does not have sections that look like this image, do NOT attempt to pay your ticket here. This page is ONLY for payments to the City of Charleston and not for any county or any other municipality.
(Click the image to view a larger version.) City of Charleston ticket displays and address of 180 Lockwood Blvd as the trial court address
Defendant Name and Address Please enter the name of the person listed on the ticket and that person's current address.

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