Family Court Fees

This site is specifically for payments enforced by the Berkeley County Clerk of Court, Family Court Division. This service is only for child support and alimony court-ordered payments to be made through the Family Court in Berkeley County (county code 08).

Online payments can only be processed for regular court ordered child support and alimony payments.

Online payments cannot be used for court cost or purge/release from incarceration payments.

Credit Card payments are not available over the phone.

Payment Type Please select the payment type and the amount.

Please be aware, if you are ordered to make payments on more than one case, you will need to make a separate payment for each type.

Case/Docket Number
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Billing Information

PLEASE NOTE: Your account may NOT show this payment for up to three (3) business days after you make your payment. Do NOT submit a second payment if you receive a digital receipt and confirmation number. This transaction date will be the payment date posted to your account.